Tehran /ˈtɛ.ɹæn/, /ˈteəɹ.ɑːn/

Tehran is a city in a province with the same name and south of Alborz mountains, which has been chosen as the capital of Iran since 1788 by the order of 1st Qajar dynasty’s king; Aqa Mohammad khan. It was a little and simple village that was located close to one of the most important towns of that time; Rey. But little by little and especially after the Pahlavi dynasty, this simple village changed its face to a modern and developed one. Nowadays Iran’s capital with about 10 million people population, is the busiest city in Iran. Although some days and especially in winter people are suffering from heart diseases because of air pollution, still this city is shining as a modern one with several symbols like Milad Tower, Nature Bridge, and luxury malls.


Tehran tourism

In addition to the luxury and modern part of Tehran, even now you can walk into the history of Iran by visiting some historical sites in older parts such as Golestan palace, National museum, etc. in general, there is a fantastic condition for all part of tourism. For example, the Central desert of Iran is located in the south of this huge town with about 900 meters in height and it means that tourists can enjoy safari and walk on hot sands with just about one-hour driving, but if they fond of climbing a mountain, skiing or sports, they can go to the northern part with about 1800 meters and Alborz mountains where tourists will find several ski resort like Dizin, Shemshak, Tochal, etc. actually If you are interested in sports, you have to search about Tehran’s derby that is the biggest in Asia. It depends on your chance that you see the craze of football fans in this city on the matchday of their football team. Health tourism is another kind of Tehran tourism. Several professional hospitals with the best doctors in Tehran are helping the locals and tourists from other cities and countries. Patients come to the capital for therapy and in their free time visit touristy attractions of the Iranian capital or have shopping. As mentioned before, Tehran has several shopping malls with different styles that you can find all around this city. Also in addition to these malls, the traditional bazaar is the center of the economy in this city. Because of special job vacancies, the beautiful capital of Iran is the host of daily workers from other towns that are located close to it. This Bazar is one of the most popular tourist sites in the capital and every day you can observe a different group of locals and tourists in this special place. perhaps it seems a long trip for tourists from the south of Tehran to the northern part with about 35 km length, or from west to east of Tehran with the same length, but Tehran’s transportation system will help them. this transportation system consists of a subway system, BRT system, public taxi and buses, online taxi systems, and online bike renting system.

tehran bazar


Tehran nightlife

One of the best attractions in the capital of Iran is surfing in the city at night. It is a usual hobby for young people in the busiest city of Iran that they start to having fun in the streets at night. Of course, the beauty of Tehran at night which appears with the help of lamps and lights is the main reason for this type of frivol. Darband, Nature bridge, and parks are the main locations of nightlife. But be noticed that your night will be complete, whenever to finish it by eating food in 30 Tir street.

nightlife i Tehran


Tehran airports

Tehran has 2 airports that passengers can use them. the older one is Mehrabad airport. It is located near Azadi tower and passengers use it for their domestic flights. Access to this airport is by subway (line 4) and taxi. Another airport in Tehran is Imam Khomeini airport which is located 35 kilometers outside of the city and is using for international flights. Ibis and Novotel are two international hotels that passengers can choose for a short rest till their flights. Access to this Airport is by subway (line 1) and taxi.

In general, we have to say that Tehran is one of the best cities if you want to see a mixture of history, modernism, art, and special designs. You can walk for hours without any bad feelings and in the end, finish your city sightseeing by relaxing in the attractive food streets.

Iranian airline

quarantine in airport


Tehran’s hotels

Name Star Location Price Review (1-5)
Espinas palace ***** North Luxury 4.3
Parsian Azadi ***** North high 4.4
Espinas Persian gulf ***** Center High 4.3
Persian plaza ***** Center Economy 4.1
Wisteria ***** North high 4.1
Laleh ***** Center Medium 3.3
Esteghlal ***** North Medium 3.4
Novotel ***** South (IKA Airport) Economy 4.2
Homa ***** Center Medium 3.8
Enghelab **** Center Medium 4.1
Simorgh **** Center Medium 4.3
Ferdowsi **** Center Medium 3.7
Ibis **** South (IKA Airport) Economy 4.2
Tehran grand hotel **** Center Medium 4.3
Kowsar **** Center Medium 3.6
Howeyzeh **** Center Medium 3.9
Olympic **** West (Azadi stadium) High 4.0
Asareh **** Center Medium 3.8
White tower **** Northeast luxury 3.5
Eskan Alvand **** East High 4.7
Ramtin **** North Medium 4.0
Evin **** North Medium 4.1
Aramis **** Center Medium 3.8
Academy **** West(Azadi stadium) Medium 4.3
Eram **** North Medium 3.2
Niloo **** North High 4.0
Amir *** Center Medium 3.7
Amatis *** Center Economy 3.3
Venus (hotel apartment) *** Center High 2.9
Dorsa *** Center Medium 3.5
Persia 2 *** South Medium 3.6
Marlik *** Center Economy 3.5
Meygoon tourism *** Northeast (village ) High 3.7
Tochal *** North (Ski resort) Medium 3.5
Eskan *** Center Medium 4.3
Saina *** Center Medium 4.3
Mashhad *** Center Medium 4.0
Vozara (hotel apartment) *** Center High 4.4

Souvenirs of Tehran

In Tehran, you can find everything from everywhere in Iran but they are not the main souvenirs of Tehran. Here we will point to some of the more famous souvenirs rather than others. Actually, they are gastronomy’s souvenirs of Tehran.

  • Doogh-e-Ab’ali

The dough is a kind of drink that is made in Iran by a mixture of water and yogurt. It depends on you to add mint or any other vegetables to this drink. Although you will find it all around Iran, Doogh-e-Ab’ali is the most famous one. Ab’ali is a city near Tehran and you can find the original Doogh-e-Ab’ali in the famous road of Ab’ali from Tehran; Haraz road. Perhaps it is not easy to carry to other countries but you can enjoy it in the original place and of course fresh.


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