Shiraz /ˈʃɪəraz,ʃɪˈraz / is a place that you will fall in love with it after visiting. City of famous Iranian poets like Hafiz and Sa’adi is the host of millions of tourists from inside and outside of Iran every year. The smell of sour oranges trees in the spring, historical sites that most of which belong to the Zandie dynasty and the modern part of Shiraz, make this city a lovely one between all cities of Iran or even the middle east. This city doesn’t have the Persian Gulf resort in the south or jungles of Guilan in the north but walking near to the Karim khan castle in the afternoon while some street music bands are playing Persian traditional music, will satisfy you. remember that eating Faloodeh in the shade of palm trees is one of the enjoyable things that you have to try.

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Shiraz etymology

There are different stories about the history of the word ‘Shiraz’, but the main story is according to some clay tablets that belong to Elam civilization and dates from 2000-year B.C which were founded in 1970 while some workers were digging to make a brick kiln in the southwest of Shiraz. Scientists could recognize that on these clay tablets were pointed to a city which the name of this city was Sirasis or tirasis. Some linguists believe that the word ‘Shiraz’ in modern Persian is the same as Sirasis in ancient Persian. Another story is according to mythological history in Shahnameh; the famous book of Ferdowsi. The third son of Tahmoores (mythological king) had been named Shiraz. Between all the stories about this name, absolutely the first hypothesis that speaks about clay tablets is more acceptable.

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Shiraz; the city of poem & love

Nowadays everybody remembers Shiraz when somebody speaks about culture in Iran. Live with poetry, literature, and knowledge of the people of Shiraz is like a cypress that never dies and is always green and alive. The tree planted by the most extensive and powerful empire in history(Achaemenids) and watered by the manifestation of such people as Hafiz and Saadi, now the lovers of the world of modernity sweeten their mouth with its traditional fruits. falling in love with a beautiful Persian girl while you are relaxing next to the tomb of Hafiz and listening to the dulcet tones of Shajarian is very usual in Shiraz. Now you know why this city is famous as the city of poem & love.



Shiraz tourist attractions

If you search about Iran tourism, you will know that Shiraz is the mutual destination in all trip categories. Shiraz is attractive for all people with different interests. In general Fars province has 4 UNESCO heritage sites which except one of them (heaven garden), the others are located out of Shiraz. Pasargadae, parse(Persepolis), Sassanid archeological landscape of Fars region and Heaven(Eram) garden are the most important tourist attractions of Shiraz which belong to all human society all around the world. In addition to them, the mausoleum of Hafiz, Vakil bazaar, Shahcheragh holy shrine, the tomb of Sa’adi, Karim Khan castle, Pars museum, pink mosque, Narenjestan Garden or Qavam House, seven figures (Haft tanan) museum, and Quran gate are other important tourist attractions of Shiraz. remember that you will find several touristy sites just by walking in the historic part of this city. In addition to these historical and cultural sites, you will arrive at some fantastic natural attractions like Maharloo lake (Pink lake), Qalat village, and Bamoo national park with just one hour of driving.

pink mosque

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Shiraz medical tourism

According to the reports, the number of medical tourists that are traveling to shiraz for treatment is increasing day by day. Professional hospitals and Doctors in the different sections of health organizations in shiraz and beautiful monuments and good weather build a special destination from shiraz for medical tourism.

Professional hospitals of shiraz like Abu Ali Sina organ transplantation center, Ordibehesht, Khoda doost, Dena, Kosar and … will help you with all the medical services like transplantation, chemotherapy for all kind of cancers, surgery of eyes, liver, heart, brain, lungs and …, Infertility treatment with various methods, cosmetic surgery and ….



Name Star Location Price Review (1-5)
Zandiye hotel ***** Historical part High 4.7
Grand hotel ***** west High 4.6
Homa hotel ***** Center High 4.2
Chamran hotel ***** North High 4.1
Pars hotel ***** center High 3.9
Persepolis hotel ***** Center High 3.3
Elyse hotel **** Northeast Medium 4.5
Park Saadi hotel **** Historical part Medium 4.3
Parsian hotel **** Center Economy 4.1
Stars hotel **** Center Medium 3.9
Royal shiraz hotel **** Center Economy 3.7
Parse hotel **** Historical part Economy 3.5
Arg hotel *** Historical part Economy 4.5
shirazis hotel *** Center Economy 4.4
Darbe shazdeh Traditional Historical part Economy 5
Pasin ecolodge Traditional Historical part Medium 5
Mah monir ecolodge Traditional Historical part Economy 4.6
Iranian garden house traditional Center Medium 4.5
Vakil hotel Traditional Historical part Economy 4.5
Karimkhan hotel Traditional Historical part Economy 4.4
Si rah house Traditional Historical part Medium 4.2
Emarat haft rang Traditional Historical part Economy 4.2
Sepehri ecolodge Traditional Historical part Medium 4.2
Lotus ecolodge Traditional Historical part Economy 4.2
Niayesh hotel Traditional Historical part Medium 4.2
Panj dari hotel Traditional Historical part Economy 3.9
Golestan raz Traditional Historical part Economy 3.8
Darbari traditional hotel Traditional Historical part Economy 3.8
Toranjestan ecolodge Traditional Historical part Medium 3.7
Golshan ecolodge Traditional Historical part Economy 3.7



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