Perhaps all of you have been heard about Half of the world is located in Iran. Isfahan is located in the center of Iran and the Isfahan province. This city with its beautiful monuments and historical sites is one of the best destinations for traveling in Iran. The existence of the 2nd biggest square in the world in this city, make a world city from Isfahan. although there is a lot of beautiful city in Iran, Isfahan is exactly the central diamond of this country. Every year millions of tourists visit this special city and discover new tastes in the city of turquoise domes. One of the important rivers of Iran passes this city and make several entertainment places throw its beach.

The distance of the 3rd biggest city of Iran with Tehran is about 420 km and it is located at the height of about 1570 m. Zagros mountains are located in the west of Isfahan and the central desert of Iran is located in the east of this city. After Tehran and Mashhad, Isfahan is the 3rd crowded city of Iran with about 2 million populations. most of the people of Isfahan speak Persian but their accent is a little different from the official accent.



History of Isfahan

According to some historical documents, after the conquest of Babylonia by Cyrus, a part of Jews who were the citizens of Mesopotamia migrated to the Jey (Isfahan). Perhaps they were the early citizens of this traditional city because after them and in the period of the Sassanid era, some other groups settled in that city. A little by little and especially after the appearance of Islam, the central city of ancient Persia get bigger and bigger. In the years between the 1050 B.C and the 1750 B.C and the period of the Safavid dynasty, Isfahan experienced the most prosperity. The great Safavid ruler Shah ʿAbbas I came to power in 1587 and ushered in a period of political and economic stability as well as a cultural renaissance, centered around his rebuilding of Isfahan as his magnificent new capital. Most of the masterpieces of Isfahan were built in the particular period between 1st and 2nd king Abbas. The Isfahan was the biggest city in the east according to observes of Some European tourists like jean Chardin and Pietro Della Valle. Safavid dynasty was the last kingdom that set Isfahan as capital in Iran but, till now this beautiful city was one of the most important cities of Iran.

history of isfahan

Tourism sites in Isfahan

The existence and living of several groups of people with different cultures and religions like Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Zoroastrians cause a famous slang in Iran which means visiting the Isfahan is equal with visiting half of the world. Surely this city is the most important in Iran if you want to know about Persian culture, art, and handicrafts. Just by walking in Isfahan Grand Bazar you can be familiar with the big part of Iranian Art like Minakari, Khatam Kari, Miniature, etc. there are 2 Unesco world heritage sites in Isfahan; Jame mosque of Isfahan and Naqshe Jahan square. By visiting some historical palaces like Chehel sotoon palace, Ali Qapu Palace, or Heaven garden, you can see the creativity of artists and architects of the Safavid dynasty. If you are interested to know more about Islam and its relation with other religions, don’t forget to visit the Imam mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Vank cathedral, and Jolfa district. Actually, the symbols of Isfahan are 2 historical bridges which you can find on the Zayande Rood river; Khaju bridge and 33 bridge. Isfahan is a city for all types of tourists. If you are interested in historical sites, natural monuments, or cultural experiences, Isfahan is looking forward to you.



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