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27 November 2020
22 March 2021

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paddy in iran

Because of some geographical reasons, Iran is a country with amazing climate diversity. In the north of Iran, there is a green land which is located between the Caspian Sea and Alborz mountains. The moisture from the Caspian Sea causes this greenery and the appearance of a special lifestyle in this area. In this article, we want to speak about special folklore that belongs to the north of Iran and some other parts. Many families in the north of Iran and the margins of the Caspian Sea have their own paddy that is their own income source. If you travel to this area in the summer or late spring, you will observe several groups in margins that are singing happily while they have bent down in some clay fields.

Rice is one of the most important foods of Iranians. Although bread has a big role in Persian food culture, rice is an undeletable part of Persian culinary. Iranians cook rice in 2 different ways and with different herbs or vegetables. Usually next to the Persian stews like Ghorme Sabzi or Fesenjoon, white Rice is cooked without any special herbs. Remember that you can taste different types of Rice in the Experience of Persian taste.   


Unforgettable experience

It is time to dress like the rural people who live in the 3 northern provinces of Iran and experience their lifestyle. After traveling to Gilan province, you will be a guest of a kind family in a fantastic agritourist Eco lodge. You have to start working in paddy in the early morning. Your breakfast will prepare in the paddy while you are breathing the pure fresh air of nature. This incredible experience will continue to visit a rice factory and a special colorful market in that area.

In this experience, you will be familiar with some Persian folklores that belong to this area. You will sing a song with women and learn how to dance in the Gilaki drees style.


dance in iran


Good to know about destinations of Experience

  • Guilan province is located in the west of the Caspian Sea and north of the Alborz mountains. Rasht is the official central of this province that is famous as a city of rain. In addition to rice, tea is another famous crop in this area.
  • Mazandaran province is located in the north of the Alborz mountains and south of the Caspian Sea. Mazandaran is one of the most attractive destinations in Iran as it is the busiest area during the holidays.
  • Golestan province is the eastern neighbor of Mazandaran. In addition to breathtaking scenes of this aria, Turkmen nomads are living in this province too. They have their own traditions which are completely different from the folklore of Guilan and Mazandaran province


experience a new world

absolutely we recommend this experience to all the tourists who are interested in the different lifestyle and discovering a new culture. in this event, you can enjoy the real local life of Iranians. send us your message and questions about this amazing experience.

Mehdi Kooti
Mehdi Kooti
my name is Mehdi and I am working as a tour guide since 2018. I can help you to discover different cities and cultures in Iran. If you need help with Itinerary, Visa, Flight, and Hotel booking, send me a message.

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