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28 December 2020




Yazd is one of the most famous cities of Iran which is located in the central part of Iran. This city is the capital of a province with the same name that is located between some other famous provinces like Isfahan, Kerman, Fars, and South Khorasan. Every year tourists from all around the world come to Iran to visit this historical and ancient city. Yazd with a population of over 526000, is one of the populous cities in Iran and Because of living of different religious groups of people like Muslims, Zoroastrians, Christians, and Jews next to each other, Yazd can be considered as a symbol of friendship between different ethnicities and religions in Iran. In addition to official Persian with a special accent that is spoken in this beautiful city, Zoroastrians also speak their own language that is called Dari. In this article, we try to tell you the main reasons for the fame and popularity of this world city.

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It is not just a simple city …!

The city of Yazd is recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO since 2017. Between all of the fantastic and incredible cities of Iran, just Yazd could be recognized as a world heritage. Perhaps Yazd is not as big as Isfahan, as beautiful as Shiraz, or as modern as Tehran but, Yazd is an alive historical museum that is showing the majestic of ancient Persia. You can smell the scent of history, culture, and civilization everywhere in this city. This city will show you how the previous citizens of Yazd, could build a city and gardens in the middle of the desert.

The existence of thousands of wind towers in Yazd, caused this world city to be called the city of wind towers. In addition to this title, Yazd is famous as a city of bicycles and also a friend of nature too. nowadays people of Yazd use bicycles instead of public transportation systems more than other cities in Iran and for this reason, we can’t observe the name of this world city in the list of the polluted cities in Iran.

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Architecture of Yazd

Since the ancient Persian era, Iranians use some materials for building that can find them easily. This method helps them to find the materials faster and makes the repairing steps easier. Because of this method, most of the houses and streets in Yazd are made with clay and stone. because of the location of Yazd that is located in the dry and desert part of Iran, stone and clay are the most useful building materials. In addition to the method of building, they had to protect themselves from the sun and dry climate of Yazd. So they built arches and some covered streets that are called “Sabat”. Today although engineers use modern materials to build some safe buildings, the historical part of Yazd is completely made with clay and stones.

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Tourism attractions

The noble and spectacular city of Yazd prepares a fantastic atmosphere for all tourists that want to visit it. The attractions in Yazd are not limited to some historical or natural places. The lifestyle of this city is a unique one. People try to respect all the traditions that their grandfathers respected too. You can visit and experience some amazing traditions and religious ceremonies which are celebrating just in Yazd and not anywhere else. The biggest religious ceremony of Iran belongs to Yazd. Every year on special days in Muharram, millions of people travel to Yazd to participate in the Ashura ceremony. Also, you can find some important ceremonies of Zoroastrians just in Yazd. In addition to these cultural ceremonies, Amir Chakhmagh complex, Dowlat Abad Garden, traditional zoorkhaneh, Zoroastrian fire temple, silence towers, water museum, and Jame mosque of Yazd are some masterpieces that make this city a special one. Also, there are some other attractions in the other cities near Yazd like Fahraj, Taft, Meybod, Bafgh and …

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Souvenir of Yazd

Yazd is one of those travel destinations that you should not miss to buy souvenirs. In Yazd, cookie lovers would have some lovely days if just start walking throw the confectioneries. Qutab, Baklava, and Loz are just some of the hundreds of traditional sweets of Yazd. But Yazd’s souvenirs are not limited to eatable things. There are several traditional handmade clothes and handicrafts that belong to Yazd. Handmade carpets are one of the most famous handicrafts of Iran and you can find them in Yazd too. Another famous traditional cloth of Yazd is “Daraee”. Daraee is a colorful cloth that has been woven for hundreds of years in Yazd. Do not forget to buy Termeh. Termeh is a kind of textile that has been designed with the Persian traditional arts like paisley and flowers and Iranians use it for decoration.


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Hotels or traditional houses?

Which one do you prefer? Stay in luxury and modern hotels or experience the atmosphere of traditional houses? Yazd is one of the best places where you can find several traditional hotels. These traditional hotels use to be a house of some rich families about a hundred years ago but now their owners decided to share them with the tourists. Fahadan district in Yazd is full of this type of accommodations and you can try the experience of one-night relaxing near to a little blue pool with a fountain in the middle.


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Mehdi Kooti
Mehdi Kooti
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