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23 November 2020
travel to iran
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27 November 2020

travel to Iran in the period of Covid-19

coronavirus in Iran

Unfortunately, the tourism industry has been damaged due to Covid-19 all around the world. About 1 month after the appearance of the Coronavirus in China, the first evidence of Covid-19 was seen in Iran. According to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Iran, all the flights canceled, hotels closed and about 12000 tour guides in Iran became unemployed and most of them had to change their job. But little by little everything will go on, Hotels will reopen and planes will start to fly again. Here we will tell you some information about travel to Iran during the coronavirus breakout. If you need more information and the latest news of Covid’19 in Iran, click here.

covid-19 in Iran


General information about Iran during the Covid-19:


General status for foreigners: the borders are temporarily closed for tourists, workers and students can travel to Iran with some special documents

P.C.R test before traveling: everybody who wants to Enter Iran must have the NO result of the test (no longer than 96 hrs.)

On Arrival Quarantine requirement: If the traveler doesn’t have the NO result of the P.C.R test, the government will do on arrival P.C.R test and till the receiving of a negative result, he must quarantine for 14 days in the governmental accommodations.

Hotels and restaurants: most of the hotels and restaurants are open with health requirements in place and time limit (according to the risk level of the area).

Public transportation: public transportation is active with the time limit (according to the risk level of the area).

Shops, organizations, and banks: most of the banks and organizations are open with the time limit (according to the risk level of the area) and health requirements in place. Unnecessary shops and jobs have to be close.

Attractions, concerts, and festivals: temporarily all of them are close.

Pcr test in tehran Airport


Majestic Persia; the optimized destination

About 60 million people suffered because of this pandemic and about 250 million jobs were destroyed. So our ability to travel decreased and in this situation everybody wants to save his budget and ignore his travel or other unnecessary activities, But if you are wanderlust, we have a special offer for you. Nowadays because of the Iranian currency price, Iran becomes one of the cheapest destinations in the world. In addition to the low travel costs, you can visit one of the 10 top countries according to the historical and natural monuments.

travel to Iran in the period of coronavirus



Mehdi Kooti
Mehdi Kooti
my name is Mehdi and I am working as a tour guide since 2018. I can help you to discover different cities and cultures in Iran. If you need help with Itinerary, Visa, Flight, and Hotel booking, send me a message.

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