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23 November 2020

how to travel to Iran?

americans in iran

According to the documents, the number of foreign tourists has increased in the last 5 years. Every year a lot of tourists from all around the world travel to Iran to know more about this special country. But if someone wants to travel to Iran, what shall he do? can Americans travel to Iran? how is the process of Iran visa application? Here we will give you some information about the process of traveling to Iran.

can Americans travel to Iran?

Except for the citizens of Israel, traveling to Iran is not banned for anybody but due to some political situations, there are some special protections for all the respectful tourists from U.S.A, Canada, and Britain. The citizens of these countries have to travel to Iran in a group with an official Persian tour guide. Tourists of these countries are not allowed to visit Iran as solo travelers and before everything they must choose a travel company since only travel companies can request Iran visa for the citizens of these 3 countries.


Traveling to Iran without a visa

The citizens of 15 countries can travel to Iran just with a valid passport and without visa applications. The tourists of these 15 countries can visit Iran or stay in the Islamic Republic of Iran for a limited period which is determined according to some political decisions. If they want to stay in Iran for more than that limited period, they have to apply for a visa. All of the citizens of Syria (just with a direct flight from Damascus for 90 days), Lebanon (for 30 days), Turkey (for 90 days), Azerbaijan (for 90 days), China (for21 days), Hong Kong (for 21 days), Bolivia (for 30 days), Egypt (for 20 days), Malaysia (for 15 days), Armenia (for 90 days), Georgia (for 45 days), Iraq (for 30 days), Macau (for 21 days), Oman (for 30 days), Venezuela (for 15 days) can travel to Iran without visa applications.


On arrival visa or E-visa

An on-arrival visa is a kind of Iran visa that you can apply for it in Shahid Rajayi port and 13 international airports in Iran. In addition to on-arrival visas, tourists can get an Iran visa online before their trips. This type of visa is more confident and after enter, there is not any concern for rejection. most of the European tourists and citizens of about 60 other countries in the world can apply for this type of visa. if you want to apply for an online visa, click here.


Welcome to Iran

We will be pleased if we can help you to have a more confident trip and answer all of your questions about Iran. Send us a message then we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


Mehdi Kooti
Mehdi Kooti
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