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25 November 2020
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Azadi tower

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Azadi (Shahyad) tower is that building which you saw always next to Iran’s topic in the news or television. It shows that this tower is a symbol of Tehran or even Iran. This tower is located in the southwest of Tehran near Mehrabad domestic airport. One of the most famous masterpieces of Tehran has a rich history and a fantastic story to tell visitors. This tower built in 1971 by the order of the second Pahlavi king; Mohammad¬ Reza Pahlavi in order to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of the Persian empire. Borj-e-Azadi (Azadi tower) is a special sample of mixture architects. You can see Islamic design, the Sassanid dynasty’s design, and the Achaemenes dynasty’s design in a beautiful unique modern structure.

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Azadi tower architecture

Azadi tower is a symbolic building 45 meters in height in Tehran. The architect of this tower is Hussein Amanat who when the government set him as the Architect of this building, had just 24 years old. At that time, he was a student of Tehran university that won the national competition of design for Azadi tower. Since that time his professional working period started. His designs are famous as a mixture of western and eastern design all around the world. This art style is exactly what we see in the Azadi tower. Other famous designs of this architect are the embassy of Iran in Beijing, sharif university in Tehran and etc. he told about Azadi tower: “this building is looking at our shining historical periods which Iranian was the best in art, handicrafts, economy, knowledge, architecture and other things. I collect all of them in one building in order to show it to tourists from other countries.” Arches in the middle of the tower are symbols for the Ctesiphon arch that is located in Iraq and was the capital of the Sassanid era. Design of Under the arches are symbols of the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in Isfahan. Even they tried to simulating Persian gardens with fountains and gardens. For visiting the top floor of the tower which is the symbol of windcatcher, you can use two elevators inside of the tower. In addition to these parts, you can visit exhibitions and festivals that play the underground of this tower. The original name of this tower was Shahyad (memorial of a king) but since 1979 the Islamic revolution occurred, the name of this tower changed to AZADI (freedom). Nowadays this tower is one of the biggest and most important squares in Tehran and every year on the 11th of February people will commemorate the anniversary of the Islamic revolution in this place.

Azadi tower architecture

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday: (9-18)

Friday: (10-19)

*On Saturdays this complex is close.

*this tower in the second half of the year will close an hour sooner.


Entrance fee:

500000 rials

Mehdi Kooti
Mehdi Kooti
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